Father’s Day is just around the corner and for me, yet another day to struggle over buying my Dad a gift he’ll politely smile at and never use. So I thought, “why not give him something edible? That way surely he can’t waste it.” But the problem with that is you lose the personality of the gift. Hence I set out to make a list of great options from personalisation retailer, Spiff. Is your Dad a fan of wine? Does he pretend to enjoy the bitter taste of beer? Or is he more of a fan of functional presents?
Let’s go through 3 products that provide a personal option for Father’s Day.

Ah wine, a true blessing to my daily routine. If I could count the number of glasses I’ve seen my Dad hold in his time, I wouldn’t want to. Being of Italian descent doesn’t even matter in this case, wine just makes life so much better. It makes food better, including a great Father’s Day steak 😉 Now, if we’re to go by my father’s standards, white wine wouldn’t even exist. However, both a sharp Shiraz and cheeky Sav Blanc are available on the site.

If you want to go down a more standard route, a six-pack of craft beer could strike your fancy. Now in my personal opinion, one could take the angle of sick-banter with your Father (wish that rhymed). Stick on a video of that famous Carlton Draught ad or perhaps a classic clip from the Footy Show. You know, stock-standard ‘bloke-y’ stuff. Whether it be from genuine enjoyment or as a joke, there is much to love from this style of gift.

This one strikes me with the most ‘aaaww’ potential. If the paternal figure in your life is, like so many, climbing that corporate ladder, then you should look towards the customisable mouse-pad. Just think, a mouse-pad with a family portrait that he can look at to remind him why he puts up with traffic at 6am and spends his time wearing suits that constrain almost any type of actual movement.

Now, like all products from Spiff, these items all come with the ability to the design your own labels. Customise a message, stick on a fancy photo, add a cute message and most impressively, apply the AR function so you can watch in glee as he struggles to understand where the point the camera at before figuring out he’s actually using the front-facing camera.

Personalise your father’s day present here: https://woocommerce.spiff.com.au/