Hi. Hey. Hello.

Welcome back to another instalment of “Tired of being shown-up at gift-tables”. Where the excitement of DIY is lost on me and the yearning for a glass of wine is at an all-time peak.

This time we’re discussing the potential glitter-bomb infused, AR overdrive from that one friend who walks the tight-rope of TMI just about every other minute.

That friend who spends more time figuring out the precise placement of a dinner plate than the actual food itself. He/she enjoys long walks on the beach and an Instagram so heavily curated, they make the NGV look like your grandma’s doily collection.

We all know this person. They have a spice for all things hand-made and personalised. They own an Etsy store. They have a crochet set that sits in their bag just, you know if they get bored on a train.

This gem of a human is insanely anal, yet wonderful at creating gifts that make you chortle. The kind of giving that makes you guilty about having to ask them to pick something out for you to buy. I’m sorry, I just suck at retaining information.

But this friend? I call them the “Extra”. They’re just extra at EVERYTHING. Going out? She glows up brighter than the sun. Staying in? He’ll bring a selection of pale ales and wood-fired pizza.

Meeting the parents? They will help shit on you at dinner just for brownie points. They DEFINE the beyond section at Bed, Bath & Beyond; and they damn-well know how much they kill it.

So what on earth do you do when the Extra invites you to something? What can you bring?