Well, the simplest way to explain Augmented Reality is Pokemon Go. When viewed through our smartphone camera’s, we see a Pokemon that flies around seemingly in our real-life surroundings. So what is it?

Augmented Reality sounds complex but its simple. Augment means to make something greater by adding to it. Reality means the state of things as they actually exist.

Put simply Augmented Reality (known affectionately as AR) is the process of adding digital experiences to real life and is usually needed to be viewed through a smart camera.

The spiff editor has developed a platform that allows you to create your own AR. Imagine any printed material you have come to life. Take for example a canvas of your family on the wall. A guest walks by and sees a perfect picture of the kids looking so well behaved. Is this picture telling a thousand words? But is it telling the truth? Or is it just a perfect moment in time captured in a sea of destruction….. screaming kids, fidgeting, stopping them tearing at each other, getting your husband to smile properly, you accidentally blink…aarh.  On the day this must be frustrating as you strive for that perfect addition to your wall.

But later on, this is the memory that will make you smile and when you look at this photo in the future using AR, a video of that experience can come to life so you can remember and laugh. This adds a new dimension to printed materials.

AR will invariably play a very large role in your future. Within a couple of years we will interact more and more with it and instead of being afraid of it, you should embrace it!