It’s easy to explain.

Take for example when a child hands you a drawing they made of the family in stick figures. How amazed are you? How much do you study it?

Now whilst you know your child’s picture is probably not going to be the next Picasso, your still emotionally deeply connected to the picture. Why?

Because you are studying your child’s interpretation of the world. How big is daddy? Did they draw a big belly? how long is mummies hair? Are we holding hands? Are we smiling? You get what I mean.

The personalisation of products has the same sort of effect on the recipient of your gift. They will study it and try to interpret your message by understanding the relevance of the product along with its package customisation.

So next time you’re going to a party ask yourself which is more memorable, a bottle of wine, or a bottle of wine which a picture of you and the recipient on it with a message. Which one will be there in a year? The bottle of wine was drunk two Tuesdays later with pasta for dinner. The custom bottle will be on the shelf for life…..