So, I’m not sure if you’re all like me, but my way of showing affection to my cats is either way too much or so little that it can’t even be described as ‘affection’. It’s an “all or nothing” kind of situation. The kind of love that makes you briefly wonder “am I abusive?” then quickly brush it to the side as nonsensical and ludicrous.
These damn cats are just so cute! And sometimes they are really asking for it. Scratching on a wall and then sprinting through the house howling is NOT what I call a fun time, Louis. My knee is NOT a prime location to dig your paw into, Luna. And I swear on my own life if they scream any louder when I’m feeding them, I actually won’t do it.
It’s a contentious issue, my fickle pets. And it’s a conflicting melting-pot of love/hate drama that constantly makes me wonder if I can somehow return them after 4 years of care.
The answer, I’ve discovered, is a definite no.

I guess there are cute moments in this whole ‘pet-owning’ thing. Almost every night in winter, they sleep on my bed and curl up against me; which makes for a great knock-off electric blanket. Sometimes they actually come up and sniff my face. Which sounds weird, but any pet owner will know that it’s cute and that’s final.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what it’d be like if I could just love them from afar. Far enough where I don’t develop my own fur balls from their malting coats.
Now, I hear you, “duh that’s why we have phones just take a photo”. And you’re right, I could/should just take photos of my pets. But I’m just as fickle as my little munchkins and taking photos of my cats is a skill I do not possess, I’m just never camera-ready when they are at their cutest. Moreover, they have a keen awareness of when their photo is being taken and purposely LOOK AWAY, a ploy I’m sure they make in order to crush my dreams. Thus, I do not have a large pool of content to work from; creating an issue whenever I’m in a social setting and have to spend 5 minutes scrolling through my old Instagram posts to find SOMETHING with the damn felines in it.

Maybe I should try something else?
Spiff make pet-cards which bypasses both my roadblocks. I can use my older photos and it won’t be harder to find since I physically have it on me. I can even add a video of Louis scratching on a glass door and howling just so I have evidence of how annoying my felines are.
Or maybe I should just give my cats a break. Not sure yet.

Make a pet-card.
Add a photo.
Add a video.
Share the fun.