There is no question about it. The world wants customisation.

Take a close look at every product you see today. It doesn’t make if you are looking at Clothes, Confectionary, Vehicles, Homewares or Gifts, consumers have spoken. They want choice and they want it in real time.

Look at the way you buy a car now, it used to be that you could choose the colour, rims and whether or not you wanted tinted windows. Nowadays, you choose your engine, performance type, interior, brakes, suspension, stereotype, assistance packages like self-parking, lane assist and adaptive cruise the list goes on. It may sound daunting, but it’s clear this is what we want.

Sure, you might say a car is a big investment and that’s why we want to personalise it as much as possible. But what about something as simple as shoes. Retailers are offering consumers the ability to choose colour, material, style and even the souls depending on their required uses.

But is personalisation something new? Why is it all we hear about these days? It’s because only now do we have the technology to offer it, cost-effectively. The proliferation of the internet, smart devices and consumer sophistication and digital printing techniques are making it easier and easier to now deliver these services.

Think about gift giving. When was the last time you purchased a 5-year-old a present? What did you buy? Lego? A doll? A board game? People don’t like knowing that they purchased the same thing that everyone else did. The ability to personalise a product with its contents and its packaging adds a different dimension to the gift giving experience. You spend the same sort of money but deliver a memorable experience because you are allowed to deliver a message in the form of a memory.

The research is clear, the only challenge for the retailer is how to do it, in-store, in real time, cost-effectively, quickly whilst maintaining their brand identity. spiff has been created to provide a solution to these challenges.