Hi, my name is Bruno. I love my hooman and so should you. Our bond is strong and mighty, and it is entirely dependent on how many treats he gives me every day. But sometimes life is not so sweet.
There are days when my hooman doesn’t love me and makes me sleep outside for eating his foot-holders. Sometimes I lay on top of him too long and he stops breathing, it’s not my fault that I like cuddling. He also gets upset when I yell at this other dog that looks exactly like me and won’t stop copying me. It’s not my fault hooman, he started it.
But worst of all is when my hooman has been loving other doggos. I can smell it on him, he doesn’t have to confess. No number of treats can heal the pain. Pats won’t work this time. I need something more from my hooman when this happens. So he made a card for me, he called me #1 doggo and he added a video of my best angles in the sun.
Get a hooman that really loves you.
Make a pet-card.
Add a photo.
Add a video.
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